Rolling sphere fountain

Everyone likes to have a rotating piece of art which is a ball in a parks,squares, and private yards. Fujian Hui’an Chongwu Xingyan Stone factory Co., Ltd. who the son company of Xingyan, Fujian, China, is a manufacturer with a patent for producing rolling sphere fountain balls. Its products are distributed all over the world, from Asia, Europe, Australia, North and South America. It can be found in major museums, corporate buildings, hotels and park squares.

The following article introduces the details of rolling sphere fountain: its instructions and common problems

1, Question and answer

Q:What kind of stone can be used to produce rolling sphere fountain?

A:The best choise is to use granite. Stones that are harder and more uniform in density are more suitable, such as Shanxi Black, Indian Black, Indian Red, Blue Pearl, etc.

Q:What’s the size of the rolling sphere fountain

A: A piece of Hight-quality rolling sphere fountain are processed by abrasive tools, and the diameter ranging of it can be from 25CM to 200CM.

2,The rotation principle of rolling sphere fountain.

1), Filled with water in the bottom plate, and the water will be pumped upward by a water pump to stimulate the rolling sphere above, force the stone balls to rotate for a long time.

2),Water surges upward with a certain pressure and speed. There is a sphere socket under the sphere. Due to the enlarged contact surface, the water bladder in the sphere socket can increase the water impulse of the water pump many times, so that the water pump has a large enough force. The force of the rolling sphere fountain pushes up the ball, and there is no friction between the sphere and the tray.

3),Water gushes out in a large area, and the buoyancy of the sphere has a large contact area, so it seems that the water is not rushing but can make the ball rotate, because the buoyancy of the water fully exerts force on the surface of the sphere. The friction between water and the sphere is small, and the water is equivalent to lubricating oil, so the resistance to the rotation of the sphere is basically the vertical gravity of the sphere. A small force in the horizontal direction can make the sphere rolling.

3,Why the fountain doesn’t work?

1),The power supply voltage is unstable or too low, so the voltage of the water is small and not enough to drive the sphere to rotate. This requires us to choose a suitable rolling sphere-specific water pump based on the diameter of the ball, or the weight of the ball. What deserves special attention is that there is a big difference between the power of the water pump and the manufacturing process of the rolling sphere manufacturer. The rolling sphere made by manufacturers with high technology have a relatively high roundness, which greatly reduces the gap between the ball and the ball holder. Friction allows the ball to roll freely with the power of a smaller water pump. This will save consumers a lot of unnecessary electricity bills!

2),The stone ball is stuck by debris. Over time, the water inside becomes turbid, and it may be that fallen leaves and other debris are absorbed by the water pump inlet, or are stuck between the ball and the ball holder, hindering the normal operation of rolling sphere. This requires manual cleaning and maintenance of the pool. Change the water to ensure the normal operation of the pump.

3),The supported ball angle changed. Over time, the original angle is changed due to the support of the ball or other reasons. This requires us to conduct reasonable and effective debugging based on the water phenomenon and experience. The water flow from a high-tech rolling sphere is evenly distributed, usually around the ball holder. If this is the reason, you can observe the water flow phenomenon of your rolling ball to determine which direction the ball holder is higher (lower), so as to use a smaller ball. Place something hard on the lower side to keep the ball support level. If the water flow out of your rolling ball is uneven when you buy it, it will be difficult to solve. You can only try your luck or ask a professional to debug it.

4,Working principle of rolling sphere fountain:

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