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What are the stone fountains?


Stone fountain is a decorative waterscape, usually made of stone, which can be sprayed to increase the aesthetic and dynamic effect. There are various types and designs of stone fountains. The following are some common types of stone fountains:

1. Romanesque fountain: Influenced by ancient Roman architecture, it usually has complex carvings and decorations, spraying in various forms, showing a classical beauty.

2. Wall spring: A small fountain installed on the wall, usually spraying water in one or more forms, which can be in the form of direct injection, scattering or combination.

3. Dynamic sculpture fountain: Combine the fountain with the sculpture to enhance the expressive power of the sculpture through the dynamic effect of spraying water to create a unique visual effect.

These fountains not only beautify the environment, but also provide a place for people to relax and enjoy nature. The right stone fountain can be chosen according to personal preferences, environmental style and budget.

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