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How to maintain the fountain?


The maintenance and upkeep of fountain stone mainly involves the following aspects:

1. Regular cleaning: It is necessary to regularly clean the water stains on the surface and inside of the fountain, especially stagnant water that has not been used for a long time. It should be completely emptied and the external sewage should be wiped clean. ‌

2. Use appropriate cleaning agents: When cleaning the surface of stone carvings, neutral or slightly alkaline cleaning agents should be used, and acidic cleaning agents should be avoided to protect the material of the stone carvings. ‌

3. Maintain the utilization rate of the fountain: High quality water pumps and pumps of appropriate power can extend the service life of stone carved fountains. Fountains should be opened frequently to maintain good color and brightness in flowing water. ‌

4. Waxing protection: After prolonged use, the fountain sculpture may lose its original brightness. In this case, a layer of wax can be applied to the outer layer. But it is best to have professional fountain processing manufacturers guide you in waxing to avoid damage during the waxing process. ‌

These measures help to maintain the beauty of fountain stone and extend its service life. Especially regular cleaning and selecting appropriate cleaning agents are crucial for preventing discoloration or damage to the stone. Meanwhile, maintaining the utilization rate of the fountain can promote the natural maintenance of the stone, while waxing is an effective protective measure that can increase the glossiness and durability of the stone.

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